Ender's Game movie
Jason Boyd

2013 movies that may become instant classics

As the world welcomes 2013 in with open arms after a lackluster 2012, many turn their eyes to what Hollywood has planned for the year ahead. 2013 movies promise more than a few hit-or-miss opportunities, but a few flicks have the potential for greatness. In this compilation, I’ve made a

Looper plot holes ruin the film
Jason Boyd

10 Looper plot holes that ruin the film

Looper is heralded as one of the best science fiction movies in recent memory. And it has a lot going for it. Chief among them is the fact that it’s one of the few completely original sci-fi flicks. No adaptation. It also does a great job accomplishing what sci-fi excels

Man of Steel official poster, comic-con
Jason Boyd

Early Predictions for Man of Steel, the new Superman film

In June, we will finally have a new start to Superman, just like Batman had his rebirth (and from the same folks). The fanboy community buzzes with excitement and speculation for “Man of Steel”, but no one seems to have a bead on what the story will be about in