Jason Boyd

Ant-Man Movie Grows Into Reality

My first reaction: an Ant-Man movie? Really? But I’ve been proven wrong before, and if there is one character in need of a cultural reboot it’s Ant-Man. Edgar Wright might be the guy for the job. For those unaware of the news, word has come down the pipe, via MTV,

Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer
Jason Boyd

Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer Shows Great Promise

An Inside Llewyn Davis trailer popped up yesterday, popularized by indiewire.com. Despite reservations about a lack of plot that I voiced in my 2013 movies to look forward to, I think this could be one of the best Coen Brothers films ever. The movie seems to embrace that it has

J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars
Jason Boyd

First impressions on J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars

J.J. Abrams is now the king of nerds… I mean, he’s directing Star Wars Episode 7. I plan to not only write a multi-thousand-word article about this, but I will most assuredly talk about this in the Fictionphile Podcast this weekend. For now, here are my initial impressions on Abrams

Upstream Color reviews
Jason Boyd

Upstream Color Reviews Arise

Upstream Color reviews are popping up on the Internet finally after its premiere today at Sundance. They do a good job of giving impressions without giving too much away, but be wary of clicking on any links here if you want to be unspoiled. I haven’t actually seen the movie,

upstream color starring shane carruth
Jason Boyd

Upstream Color gets a trailer, Carruth returns

Primer came out in 2004. That’s nearly a decade ago. Now, finally, Shane Carruth is back with Upstream Color. His new film, for which he served as director, writer, producer, cinematographer, composer, co-editor, and actor, is Upstream Color. Yesterday, team Carruth released the first theatrical trailer in anticipation for its

science fiction
Jason Boyd

Robopocalypse delayed = I’m not surprised

I gave Robopocalypse an honorable mention in my 2013 list of movies that could become classics. I didn’t include it for a reason. The novel it’s based on has garnered accolades, but robots taking over the world has no freshness left. We’ve been talking about robots taking over since 1984.