CGI in Twilight - Baby
Jason Boyd

Bad CGI in Twilight Series A Call to Arms?

The horrible CGI in Twilight, this last one even more than others, is an insult. I have a confession. I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II the other night. Yes, this means I’ve seen all the others. Can we move on, folks? Here’s my point: How did they get away

community without dan harmon -- season 4
Jason Boyd

Community Without Dan Harmon A Train Wreck

It’s obvious to say that NBC’s Community without Dan Harmon is different, but is it worse? Yes. A thousand times worse. First, go read this story about the whole Harmon getting booted thing and his thoughts on future involvement (see: none). Dan Harmon IS and WAS Community. The show ended

Man of Steel official poster, comic-con
Jason Boyd

Early Predictions for Man of Steel, the new Superman film

In June, we will finally have a new start to Superman, just like Batman had his rebirth (and from the same folks). The fanboy community buzzes with excitement and speculation for “Man of Steel”, but no one seems to have a bead on what the story will be about in