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Companion Clara, the Doctor - Doctor Who: The Bells of St. John
Jason Boyd

Companion Clara A Hard Nut To Crack

The Doctor’s companion Clara “Oswin” Oswald continues to baffle. And it’s clear to me now that this, the latest of many Doctor Who mysteries, won’t be quickly solved. Sunday night’s return, “Bells of St. John,” started out intriguing and laughable at once. Because the way they reveal the doctor after

Walking Dead Episode 12 Review Clear
Jason Boyd

Walking Dead Episode 12 Review

The Walking Dead Episode 12 review: Clear showed last night on AMC. It was… Well, it was very good. Maybe not as amazing as everyone says. But good. SPOILERS AHEAD First, what was great about the episode. Morgan Jones returned. I loved the character, and it shows a departure from

Jason Boyd

The Last Community Article I Will Write

I won’t make this long. It took my a few days to consider this, but I figured I’d go ahead and let everyone who follows my blog know my thoughts. This is the last Community article I plan to write. Fictionphile operates under the belief that every article is an