community without dan harmon -- season 4
Jason Boyd

Community Without Dan Harmon A Train Wreck

It’s obvious to say that NBC’s Community without Dan Harmon is different, but is it worse? Yes. A thousand times worse. First, go read this story about the whole Harmon getting booted thing and his thoughts on future involvement (see: none). Dan Harmon IS and WAS Community. The show ended

walking dead suicide king
Jason Boyd

Walking Dead Suicide King Limps Into Second Half

It’s back. The Walking Dead “Suicide King” aired last night after much hype. It did not live up to it. Here’s the thing: I love The Walking Dead. I love the comic book, and I love the TV show. But it’s a TV show. As a result, it’s hampered by

Jason Boyd

Do No Harm Canceled After Only Two Episodes

News came today via The Hollywood Reporter that NBC is turning out the lights on its new drama. With Do No Harm canceled, I’m left to wonder why I repeatedly put my faith in good cable TV. There were three hugely hyped TV dramas this season. The Following, The Americans,

Jason Boyd

Why the American Horror Story Finale Sucked

Well, the second season (second mini-series?) is over. But am I the only one that thought the American Horror Story finale sucked? OK, so I won’t be talking too much about it here. The reason being that I’m a little too disappointed to put every piece of my thoughts together.

The Following Kevin Bacon
Jason Boyd

The Following Review: Kevin Bacon Saves Pilot Episode

I won’t make the mistake of other The Following reviews and go on ad nauseum about Edgar Allan Poe and the killer inspired by him. Because, let’s get one thing straight. The Following’s pilot, Jan. 21, was only good because Kevin Bacon was in it. Let’s break down, quickly, just

Face Off Season 4 premieres tonight
Jason Boyd

Face Off season 4 premieres tonight on Syfy

The Syfy original reality series returns. Face Off season 4 begins tonight (Jan. 15) at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Now, before I dive into why this excites me and should excite you, let me clarify why I’m talking about a reality show on a blog about fiction. Well, I’ve mentioned in