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Star Wars casting call speculation
Jason Boyd

A Considered Star Wars Casting Call Speculation

At the end of June, a Star Wars casting call leaked. You might have thought it was a trap, but it’s been confirmed by myriad trustworthy sites with reputable deep-background sources. Reports say these are lead characters, and we’re just going to run with that. Let’s hope there aren’t any

Upstream Color explained
Jason Boyd

Upstream Color Explained … Maybe

Like Primer before it, Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color leaves many people confused. Maybe more than they need to be. Keep in mind that art can be subjective, and it’s hard to always diagnose exactly what an artist intends, especially if they intentionally leave it open for interpretation. But I believe


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review
Dalton McCay

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler Free Review)

As a long-time fan of the Star Wars series, ever since I was introduced to it in the 90’s, I was enamored with the aesthetic of glowing laser swords, massive mechanical marvels, mysterious ancient orders, and strange-looking puppets dressed up as aliens.

doctor sleep book vs movie
Marcos Luna

Doctor Sleep Book vs Movie

The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep is now a feature film directed by Mike Flanagan. Based on the book written by Stephen King, the movie version of Doctor Sleep differs from its source material. Much akin to the original by Stanley Kubrick, which differed from its source material.

All American Zombie Drugs
Jason Boyd

REVIEW: All American Zombie Drugs

You have to commend All American Zombie Drugs for its ambition. All American Zombie Drugs, which comes out today (June 23) on DVD and VOD, starts with a clever premise that sounds like a perfect marriage of two newly reborn and popularized genres: buddy stoner comedies and zombie flicks. Throw

Man of Steel Theme
Comic Books
Jason Boyd

Man of Steel Theme As Human As They Come

Before I get jump into my take on the Man of Steel theme and my impressions of the movie, you may want to read my past thoughts on the themes behind Superman in general and how I thought it could apply in “Man of Steel.” I don’t want you to


action movie cliches
Donald Unger

10 Action Movie Cliches Picked by a Nitpick

There is a rumor that I am a picky person, perhaps even worse, a nitpicky person. Some would say this especially applies when it comes to action movie cliches.