community an american retrospective

Community: An American Retrospective

The TV show Community featured lots of laughs, but it did so with a truly touching and American-centric message of acceptance, togetherness, and strength through diversity.

Companion Clara, the Doctor - Doctor Who: The Bells of St. John

Companion Clara A Hard Nut To Crack

The Doctor’s companion Clara “Oswin” Oswald continues to baffle. And it’s clear to me now that this, the latest of many Doctor Who mysteries, won’t

Walking Dead Episode 12 Review Clear

Walking Dead Episode 12 Review

The Walking Dead Episode 12 review: Clear showed last night on AMC. It was… Well, it was very good. Maybe not as amazing as everyone

Mad Men season 5 premiere

Mad Men’s premiere tonight left me feeling flat.   It had a few watercooler moments, like Don’s new wife doing a “burlesque,” but it only

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

AMC’s The Walking Dead closed its second season Sunday on a high (or low, if you’re the characters) note, but I’m left hoping this isn’t