The Last Community Article I Will Write

By Jason Boyd


I won’t make this long. It took my a few days to consider this, but I figured I’d go ahead and let everyone who follows my blog know my thoughts. This is the last Community article I plan to write.

Fictionphile operates under the belief that every article is an endorsement, including reviews about TV shows. I don’t waste my time or yours with reviews for shows that I think are completely without value. Even if I spend time complaining about a particular episode, I think the series still possesses value as a whole.

Community is horrible. I used to watch the show live or close to it. This time, I waited, saving it on my DVR. When I finally watched it… well, I came close to immediately writing about. I meant to once again go on about how Dan Harmon’s absence is this or that.

But I let it simmer. Again, why waste my time or yours. But then… well, I realized that to not even mention me not mentioning it was worse. If any article is an endorsement, than my previous article establishes an endorsement that should continue until a negation is set forth.

This is my negation.

Don’t watch Community. It is a single-camera Big Bang Theory as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing worth your time there. I could go on a scene-by-scene critique, but the entire thing was mush. I’d repeat myself far too much. It boiled down to: not funny, not interesting, not watchable.

You may disagree. But I suspect you’d disagree in terms of degrees, not attitude. You’d say “it’s not that bad.” But does the inclusion of “that” really reduce the fact that “bad” is still the assessment? No. It’s horrible, and you know it.

I will watch the remainder of the season. I’m a masochist who can’t look away from a train wreck. But this will be my last article about it. And it should be the last time you read about it, search for opinions about it, or care about it altogether.


  • Jason Boyd

    Jason Boyd is a science fiction author, geek enthusiast, and former cubicle owner. When not working on his MA in Creative Writing, he's trying to figure out how magnets work.

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