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Jason Boyd is a science fiction author, geek enthusiast, and former cubicle owner. When not working on his MA in Creative Writing, he's trying to figure out how magnets work.
High Fidelity tv remake trailer still image

High Fidelity TV remake trailer drops (Hulu)

The trailer for Hulu’s TV series remake of High Fidelity dropped today. The series and the original movie, starring John Cusack, is based on the Nick Hornby novel.

Upstream Color explained

Upstream Color Explained … Maybe

Like Primer before it, Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color leaves many people confused. Maybe more than they need to be. Keep in mind that art can be subjective, and it’s hard to always diagnose exactly what an artist intends, especially if they intentionally leave it open for interpretation. But I believe

All American Zombie Drugs

REVIEW: All American Zombie Drugs

You have to commend All American Zombie Drugs for its ambition. All American Zombie Drugs, which comes out today (June 23) on DVD and VOD, starts with a clever premise that sounds like a perfect marriage of two newly reborn and popularized genres: buddy stoner comedies and zombie flicks. Throw

Man of Steel Theme
Comic Books

Man of Steel Theme As Human As They Come

Before I get jump into my take on the Man of Steel theme and my impressions of the movie, you may want to read my past thoughts on the themes behind Superman in general and how I thought it could apply in “Man of Steel.” I don’t want you to

Companion Clara, the Doctor - Doctor Who: The Bells of St. John

Companion Clara A Hard Nut To Crack

The Doctor’s companion Clara “Oswin” Oswald continues to baffle. And it’s clear to me now that this, the latest of many Doctor Who mysteries, won’t be quickly solved. Sunday night’s return, “Bells of St. John,” started out intriguing and laughable at once. Because the way they reveal the doctor after

Everybody Loves Tank Girl
Comic Books

Everybody Loves Tank Girl… Except Maybe Me

Everybody Loves Tank Girl, the newest from creator Alan Martin, has a few moments of cutting commentary. And other moments are really quite funny or inventive. But for the most part I felt I didn’t “get it.” Now, for a confession, I don’t have a longstanding relationship with Tank Girl.

The Sessions

The Sessions Challenges Mind/Body Split

The Sessions is a movie about a poet paralyzed from the neck down by polio who hires a “sex surrogate” to take his virginity. It’s a great premise. But it does a rare thing. It goes further. It explores the split with have in society, that you can live by

CGI in Twilight - Baby

Bad CGI in Twilight Series A Call to Arms?

The horrible CGI in Twilight, this last one even more than others, is an insult. I have a confession. I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II the other night. Yes, this means I’ve seen all the others. Can we move on, folks? Here’s my point: How did they get away

The Man From Earth Review

The Man From Earth Review – Streaming Gems

This will be a The Man From Earth review, which might seem odd. It’s a small little movie that came out five years ago, and you’ve probably never heard of it. But, like most good little things, you can find it streaming somewhere online. I’ve been under the weather recently

Walking Dead Episode 12 Review Clear

Walking Dead Episode 12 Review

The Walking Dead Episode 12 review: Clear showed last night on AMC. It was… Well, it was very good. Maybe not as amazing as everyone says. But good. SPOILERS AHEAD First, what was great about the episode. Morgan Jones returned. I loved the character, and it shows a departure from


The Last Community Article I Will Write

I won’t make this long. It took my a few days to consider this, but I figured I’d go ahead and let everyone who follows my blog know my thoughts. This is the last Community article I plan to write. Fictionphile operates under the belief that every article is an

Kathy Bates - American Horror Story Season Three

American Horror Story Season Three To Feature Kathy Bates?

Looks like American Horror Story Season Three will star Kathy Bates in the role of villain. TVLine.com broke the news in an exclusive story. Other tidbits include Jessica Lange playing a “glamour cat leading lady,” and the season generally having a lighter tone than Asylum. The third season will also

Lois Lane - Man of Steel Spoiler

Lois Lane, Say It Ain’t So! (Man of Steel Spoiler)

Man of Steel spoiler ahead. Avert thine eyes! OK, so the blogoosphere and such has been sent into a frenzy over a simple band of gold sold at a movie prop auction recently, hinting at a possible Man of Steel spoiler. It’s said to be from the movie Man of


And The Razzies Go To…

While we wait for The Oscars tonight, The Razzies winners have been announced. For those out of the loop, you don’t want a Razzie. They’re a “worst of” award. Here’s the thing. I like the Razzies, because it’s a chance to have a few laughs. Hell, even Sandra Bullock accepting

PS4 Details - Controller

PS4 Details From The Presentation Make Small Impact

So, we know some more PS4 details now, don’t we? First, for those who missed the stream or are annoyed by bits and pieces, wanting the whole thing, Sony FINALLY put a YouTube version of it up. Also, a big kudos to Victor Martinez, who did a prognostication piece for

playstation 4 announcement

Predictions For Today’s Playstation 4 Announcement

With Sony set to unveil a new system at its “Future of PlayStation” event today (Feb. 20 at 5 p.m. central), rumors and speculation run rampant. What will it look like? What’s the controller going to do? Will it still play Blu-ray discs or PS3 games? With that in mind,

The Walking Dead Home Season 3

The Walking Dead Home Postmortem (Review)

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The Walking Dead Home (episode 10) was a bazillion-times better than The Suicide King (episode 11). Also, yes, I was wrong about quite a few of my predictions. What the writers did instead was just fine and dandy, though, so I’m cool

The Walking Dead Home Season 3 episode 10

The Walking Dead Home Spoilers and Predictions

EOnline.com released a few spoilers for The Walking Dead Home (episode 10) in an article yesterday. One we already knew, but the others… Here’s the critical section from the article. WARNING: Walking Dead Home Spoilers Ahead Death Visits Zombieland…Again: Yep, we’re about to see another death. But will it come

community without dan harmon -- season 4

Community Without Dan Harmon A Train Wreck

It’s obvious to say that NBC’s Community without Dan Harmon is different, but is it worse? Yes. A thousand times worse. First, go read this story about the whole Harmon getting booted thing and his thoughts on future involvement (see: none). Dan Harmon IS and WAS Community. The show ended

the perks of being a wallflower film review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Film Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower film, not to be confused with the cult novel of the same name, released on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday. This review will be concerning the film alone, as I’ve sadly not read the novel yet. This movie might masquerade as a coming-of-age flick, but

walking dead suicide king

Walking Dead Suicide King Limps Into Second Half

It’s back. The Walking Dead “Suicide King” aired last night after much hype. It did not live up to it. Here’s the thing: I love The Walking Dead. I love the comic book, and I love the TV show. But it’s a TV show. As a result, it’s hampered by


Do No Harm Canceled After Only Two Episodes

News came today via The Hollywood Reporter that NBC is turning out the lights on its new drama. With Do No Harm canceled, I’m left to wonder why I repeatedly put my faith in good cable TV. There were three hugely hyped TV dramas this season. The Following, The Americans,

Warner Bros

JLA Movie Dead Before Arrival?

The JLA movie could and should be a million times better than The Avengers. It’s about Greek Gods, not just a random assortment of what Stan Lee thought up. But the bobbling of this movie has nothing to do with the source material. Word has come down the pipe via

Han Solo

Star Wars Sequels Starring Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett

Two days ago, there came word about a Yoda movie, and the promise from Disney to produce more live-action films based in the Star Wars universe and using its characters with impunity. I remained silent at the time, because my emotions were mixed. I’ve thus far been impressed with Disney’s


Super Bowl Movie Trailers To Watch

The Super Bowl has become one of the most watched yearly TV events, and this is largely due to commercials drawing in those who would otherwise not watch sports. A big part of this is Super Bowl movie trailers, where studios try to raise hype about movies that may not

Short Story Review: The Odyssey by Jia Tolentino

The Fictionphile Short Story Review series endeavors to bring you at least one short story review per week. These stories will always be available for reading free online, so that you may read them yourself and form your own opinion. Also, please note that no story will ever be reviewed


Star Wars Producer Kathleen Kennedy Proves Trilogy Is In Good Hands

Here at fictionphile.com, I’ve been talking a lot about Star Wars. Well, this probably won’t stop, especially since I’m working on a few articles concerning how I’d like to see the new trilogy handled. There will be other topics discussed soon, but first I want to highlight a recent interview

Warner Bros

New “Variety” JLA Movie Info Proof That DC Can’t Beat Marvel?

The Internet is abuzz with a new article from Variety concerning Warner Bros., and it’s all because of one little snippet with new JLA movie info. Basically, this article is a lot of very dry showbiz inner-workings, and a lot of congratulating WB about its recent success, including Oscar frontrunner


Ant-Man Movie Grows Into Reality

My first reaction: an Ant-Man movie? Really? But I’ve been proven wrong before, and if there is one character in need of a cultural reboot it’s Ant-Man. Edgar Wright might be the guy for the job. For those unaware of the news, word has come down the pipe, via MTV,

Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer

Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer Shows Great Promise

An Inside Llewyn Davis trailer popped up yesterday, popularized by indiewire.com. Despite reservations about a lack of plot that I voiced in my 2013 movies to look forward to, I think this could be one of the best Coen Brothers films ever. The movie seems to embrace that it has

J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars

First impressions on J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars

J.J. Abrams is now the king of nerds… I mean, he’s directing Star Wars Episode 7. I plan to not only write a multi-thousand-word article about this, but I will most assuredly talk about this in the Fictionphile Podcast this weekend. For now, here are my initial impressions on Abrams


Why the American Horror Story Finale Sucked

Well, the second season (second mini-series?) is over. But am I the only one that thought the American Horror Story finale sucked? OK, so I won’t be talking too much about it here. The reason being that I’m a little too disappointed to put every piece of my thoughts together.

Upstream Color reviews

Upstream Color Reviews Arise

Upstream Color reviews are popping up on the Internet finally after its premiere today at Sundance. They do a good job of giving impressions without giving too much away, but be wary of clicking on any links here if you want to be unspoiled. I haven’t actually seen the movie,

The Following Kevin Bacon

The Following Review: Kevin Bacon Saves Pilot Episode

I won’t make the mistake of other The Following reviews and go on ad nauseum about Edgar Allan Poe and the killer inspired by him. Because, let’s get one thing straight. The Following’s pilot, Jan. 21, was only good because Kevin Bacon was in it. Let’s break down, quickly, just

upstream color starring shane carruth

Upstream Color gets a trailer, Carruth returns

Primer came out in 2004. That’s nearly a decade ago. Now, finally, Shane Carruth is back with Upstream Color. His new film, for which he served as director, writer, producer, cinematographer, composer, co-editor, and actor, is Upstream Color. Yesterday, team Carruth released the first theatrical trailer in anticipation for its

Face Off Season 4 premieres tonight

Face Off season 4 premieres tonight on Syfy

The Syfy original reality series returns. Face Off season 4 begins tonight (Jan. 15) at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Now, before I dive into why this excites me and should excite you, let me clarify why I’m talking about a reality show on a blog about fiction. Well, I’ve mentioned in

Walking Dead showrunner replaced

Walking Dead showrunner replaced, new trailer for Feb. 10 return

The Walking Dead showrunner will be replaced for the start of the fourth season by Scott Gimple. Glen Mazzara, who took control midway through season two, won’t be missed by fictionphile.com. Mazzara was best known for his work on The Shield prior to becoming The Walking Dead showrunner. The Hollywood


Robopocalypse delayed = I’m not surprised

I gave Robopocalypse an honorable mention in my 2013 list of movies that could become classics. I didn’t include it for a reason. The novel it’s based on has garnered accolades, but robots taking over the world has no freshness left. We’ve been talking about robots taking over since 1984.

Pacific Rim trailer

New Pacific Rim trailer released, shows great FX but little else

A new Pacific Rim trailer popped up on the web earlier. Coincidentally, this came not long after I posted an article about films this year that I think could stand above the rest. Making the honorable mentions was “Pacific Rim” from director Guillermo del Toro. Nothing in this new Pacific

Ender's Game movie

2013 movies that may become instant classics

As the world welcomes 2013 in with open arms after a lackluster 2012, many turn their eyes to what Hollywood has planned for the year ahead. 2013 movies promise more than a few hit-or-miss opportunities, but a few flicks have the potential for greatness. In this compilation, I’ve made a

Looper plot holes ruin the film

10 Looper plot holes that ruin the film

Looper is heralded as one of the best science fiction movies in recent memory. And it has a lot going for it. Chief among them is the fact that it’s one of the few completely original sci-fi flicks. No adaptation. It also does a great job accomplishing what sci-fi excels

Man of Steel official poster, comic-con

Early Predictions for Man of Steel, the new Superman film

In June, we will finally have a new start to Superman, just like Batman had his rebirth (and from the same folks). The fanboy community buzzes with excitement and speculation for “Man of Steel”, but no one seems to have a bead on what the story will be about in


Doctor Who Christmas “Snowmen” a Great Present

Doctor Who is prolific with its holiday specials. There’s a common problem with TV shows and the holidays; it usually results in schmaltzy storytelling and reliance on ready made symbolism. The good Doctor, however, consistently uses the showcase — it is commonly during a episode break — to accelerate the

Mad Men season 5 premiere

Mad Men’s premiere tonight left me feeling flat.   It had a few watercooler moments, like Don’s new wife doing a “burlesque,” but it only promised and hinted at anything deeper coming up. Of course, they did open with the protest for equal employment and closed with its conclusion, which

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

AMC’s The Walking Dead closed its second season Sunday on a high (or low, if you’re the characters) note, but I’m left hoping this isn’t a bait-and-switch.   I’m a fan of the comics, though I must admit I didn’t read them until the first season aired. I bought the