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Star Wars The Skywalker Saga box set available for pre-order now

By Jason Boyd


With Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker out less than a week, Disney didn’t wait long to announce a Star Wars The Skywalker Saga box set of all nine installments of the franchise’s flagship story.

Star Wars The Skywalker Saga box set

The $249.99 box set is currently on pre-order as a Best Buy exclusive. Although, it’s doubtful that the exclusivity will last long given the popularity and mass market appeal of the Star Wars franchise.

The price is a bit hefty considering that you can pick up Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes 1-6) from Amazon for under $100. However, the collection reportedly contains 27 Blu-Ray discs. Plus, it’s all in 4K Ultra High Definition.

Details: Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Box Set

Sources reportedly confirmed that the Star Wars The Skywalker Saga box set won’t contain any spin-off films. This includes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo. No word yet on what special features these 27 discs will include. But with that much available runtime, you can expect a heaping helping. That might just make the price tag worth it.

The artwork as shown on features a simple cover. It’s basically just a prominent image of the original Death Star from Star Wars Episode 1: A New Hope. However, this is likely placeholder cover artwork. It would seem weird that a box set titled The Skywalker Saga feature an evil emperor’s super weapon.

Which editions will this Star Wars The Skywalker Saga box set include? That is as yet an unanswered question. But it’s a valid concern given the original series received many alterations over the years. But this box set could include the theatrical release, like the 2006 re-release. That might make the price tag a little more worth it to hardcore fans.

Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters now.

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