Why the American Horror Story Finale Sucked

By Jason Boyd


American Horror Story Johnny
JOHNNY: You mean you didn’t find me compelling?
Well, the second season (second mini-series?) is over. But am I the only one that thought the American Horror Story finale sucked?

OK, so I won’t be talking too much about it here. The reason being that I’m a little too disappointed to put every piece of my thoughts together. So I’ll just hit the highlights (or lowlights).

Let’s get a few things straight:

  • Ever since “The Name Game” saw Dr. Arden’s and Sister Mary Eunice’s the series lacked purpose and conflict besides Johnny (new Bloodyface), though he was 30 years in the future.
  • Due to this lack of conflict, the show had to create its own in the third act of the season.
  • Conflicts that were created seemed forced and rushed, because there were only three episodes left out of 13.
  • Time skipped forward far too often in order to give some semblance of sanity to these out-of-left-field conflicts arising from out of nowhere.
  • The alien abduction storyline was never fully completed, and it was used only as a way to get rid of Kit without killing him completely.
  • Johnny was introduced so late in the season that to make him the pivotal conflict for the climax left us without a sense of real danger.
  • Lana’s old lady make-up was HORRIBLE. I only say this because I’ve already seen comments praising it… wow. They must have had their brightness on low. I’m talking specifically about the splotchy skin, which looked like they just dipped a sponge in ketchup, blotted it on some paper towels, then went to town on her face.

Really, this season excelled at a few things. Great characters; great concepts. But it never followed through with anything, and it got far too wrapped up in itself without having any locomotion to it. “Oh, I get it… the aliens see us as mental patients.” That’s all I can take away from this season. That seems to be the message. Though, to be honest, the show seemed unfocused in message or theme. The writers seemed more interested in twisty plots, but then the plot twisted too much and got away from them. I am glad, however, that it ended on a triumphant moment instead of a “well, evil wins again” message.

American Horror Story Kit
KIT: Hey, at least I got to hang out with aliens forever.
Here’s my one note for the next “season.” I’m sure there’ll be another. Make Evan Peters (Kit Walker) the lead and never let that lead be questioned. He is by far the most commanding presence on screen. Even in the first season, when he played the ghost of a mass murderer, he seemed more likable and righteous than anyone else. Make the plot circle around him and don’t worry about side stories NEARLY as much. Just hone in on one thing and execute, because that’s what made the first season good.


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Your opinion sucks. The side stories are what make AHS if you don’t recall the first season. The first season if anything jumped around more often from different time zones. I think you are mainly just dissapointed that the writers tackled a different aspect of horror other than a haunted house.

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