I See You (2019) – Movie Review

I See You (2019) is worth seeing even for the most jaded horror fan.

If you’ve seen a lot of horrors and psychological thrillers in your time, you might think you’ve seen it all. Although a lot of the same ideas seem constantly revisited and recycled, there are still some good films that add a fresh take to the familiar and surprise you. 

Examples like Get Out and It Follows spring to mind. And filmmakers know that movie audiences today view films through a lens created by having seen a lot of movies. It’s hard to find something entirely original these days.

But once in a while, something comes along out of nowhere, and doesn’t try to grab you with cheap scares and predictable jumps. Sometimes, a movie can go back to basics and remember it’s all about your story and character. 

Further to that, sometimes a movie can introduce you to a story and characters where you think you know what’s going on… then quietly reveal that you really know nothing at all. 

This is the approach used by the brilliant I See You (2019). Now included with Amazon Prime and starring a somewhat unrecognizable Helen Hunt, the film quickly pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. 

You won’t want to let go either. Even if the majority of I See You (2019) is set in a house, its part in the story is more important than we are first led to believe. 

The backdrop of this exceptional thriller is the story of an abducted boy from a small Midwestern town. Assigned to the case is long-time homicide detective Harper (Jon Tenney), also the husband of Jackie (Helen Hunt). Together, they have one teenage son, the distanced and troubled Connor (Judah Lewis). 

A rift has torn through the family. As they try to repair their relationships, they can’t help but feel unsettled. That a presence is lurking in their home. One that leads them to see one thing while another happens behind closed doors. 

As events unfold close to home and in the town, the case of the missing boy takes an unpredictable turn. The real heroes and villains of the piece present themselves in totally unexpected ways. 

Honestly, that’s all I can say about I See You (2019) without revealing the film’s expertly crafted twists and turns. They truly hit you out of left field. You feel left in shock that you didn’t see plot developments coming.  

If you’re patient and like movies that make you think, then take the journey with I See You (2019). You will be richly rewarded. It’s sumptuous cinematography and eerie score perfectly build the sense of malice and dread that doesn’t let up. 

You may also question the sounds you hear in your own home at night, when tucked in bed and you hear a bump.

Curious? Do yourself a favour and watch I See You (2019). It may not be making a huge splash on the movie scene yet. But given enough time I’m sure it will garner a quiet word of mouth and a large, respectful following.

Trailer: I See You

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