Jumanji: The Next Level Movie Review

In Jumanji: The Next Level, an exciting adventure unfolds as the crew traverse a game filled with dangers in order to save their friend.

Movie Overview – Jumanji: The Next Level

While just barely surviving, this lovable group has beaten the game of Jumanji. Now they must make their way through the game of Life. Some of the members have found it easy to merge back with society and create a life for themselves. However, Spencer (Alex Wolff) hasn’t quite let go of Jumanji.

Spencer seems to be a bit too fond of the broken Jumanji game. So much so, his friends Martha, Bethany, and Fridge find out that he has gone back inside.

Not only that but with him is his grandfather and his friend, played by Danny DeVito and Danny Glover respectively.

Now, what’s left of the team must go back inside and make their way through the dangerous game to save their lost friend.

Amazing Acting Performances

The main actors in this film are the same as the first movie, including Jack BlackKevin HartDwayne Johnson, and Karen Gillan.

If you enjoyed the first movie, you will love this one too. The chemistry of all these actors together is amazing. Jumanji: The Next Level has a slight twist to it though, making it even more interesting.

The movie creators decided to add a body swapping element to this movie, making it so that each character gets to play multiple personas, which can be weird at times and also hilarious.

If you have seen the first Jumanji, or follow the actors on social media, you will understand why Jumanji: The Next Level is such a hit. The way Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s charismatic and humorous personalities merge is too perfect not to enjoy.

To add even more enjoyment, the new characters fit in so well, adding a nice little side plot to follow, as well as a little bit of romance that might make you teary-eyed.

Jack Black, of course, never disappoints. This movie is no different. I found myself laughing at all of his jokes.

Karen Gillan played an amazing role as well, she is a very talented actor and gorgeous.

Story & Plot

I can’t say everything about the storyline is amazing in Jumani: The Next Level. There are definitely some things I would do a but differently. One thing that comes to mind is the film’s antagonist.

The “villain” in Jumanji: The Next Level was a bit underwhelming in my opinion, and I never quite got engaged with that aspect of the movie. The previous Jumanji suffered a similar fate.

However, that doesn’t mean the movie is a total bust. Just because the main bad guy wasn’t that interesting doesn’t mean the movie wasn’t good.

Following along with the team as they traveled through Jumanji was very entertaining. The plot all seems quite familiar. However, it is the characters and their comedy that keeps this movie alive.

The director, Jake Kasdan, did a great job playing each character to their strengths, and it resulted in great performances.

Is Jumanji: The Next Level Any Good?

Overall, I think Jumanji: The Next Level was great. Even if the storyline wasn’t perfect, and some changes could’ve been made, the actors themselves made this movie.

I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time and found myself wanting to watch more of them when the movie was over.

That being said, I can’t give this movie 5 stars just because they chose great actors. There’s plenty of movies with these same actors that did a way better job at creating a more engaging experience.

Jumanji: The Next Level wasn’t horrible. Don’t get me wrong. I just feel like it could’ve had a little more depth and character development.

Overall, this movie gets a 3.5 out of 5.

Where Can I Watch Jumanji: The Next Level?

Jumanji: The Next Level is available on Amazon Prime. You can watch it on all devices including phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

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All in all I think you will enjoy the movie. If you have a couple bucks and some free time with nothing to do, definitely check it out.

Just because my rating wasn’t perfect, there are plenty of other ratings out there much higher than mine. It was a really enjoyable movie. The only thing holding it back was the story. However, the actors and comedy well made up for that!

What did you think of Jumanji: The Next Level? How do you think you’d fair in the world of Jumanji? Let us know in the comments below!

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