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NEWS ROUND-UP: 12-5-2021

By Fictionphile staff


In this episode of The Fictionphile Podcast, we cover some of the highlights from the past week, including news about Spider-Man, Game of Thrones, and The Avengers.



Good day, fellow fiction lovers. I’m Jason Boyd, and you’re listening to The Fictionphile Podcast. Today, we’ll cover some of the highlights from the past week. So, without further preamble, let’s get to it.

Amy Pascal: Tom Holland to Star in Three More Spider-Man Movies After “No Way Home”

Despite Tom Holland’s public waffling on his future as the webslinger, producer Amy Pascal says the Marvel plan is to have the star in at least three more Spider-Man titles.

Source: Fandango 

Dark Horse Comics May Be Looking for a Buyer

Dark Horse, arguably the biggest comic book publisher outside of DC and Marvel, is reportedly looking for a buyer. Acquiring the publisher of original titles like Hellboy and The Umbrella Academy could conceivably mean a big coup for a streaming giant suitor.

Source: Slash Film

HBO Spent $30 Million on a Failed Game of Thrones Spin-Off

Before the upcoming The House of the Dragon was greenlit to series, there was another Game of Thrones prequel in line at HBO that got the axe. Well, it’s now been reported that HBO spent $30 million for a pilot episode for the failed series, before deciding to cancel it entirely.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

White Men Can’t Jump Set to Get a Remake

Filmmaker Calmatic will be at the helm of a recently announced remake of the 90’s sports comedy White Men Can’t Jump from 20th Century Studios. The director is fresh off production of New Line’s reboot of House Party.

Source: Slash Film 

Galactus Gets a New Herald in Avengers #50 / #750

The pages of Avengers #50, the 750th issue overall, features a surprise twist–Galactus’ new herald is none other than Kevin Plunder, also known as Ka-Zar, Lord of the Savage Land. Although this is quite the departure from the likes of Silver Surfer, the power cosmic is surely going to upgrade the jungle dweller.

Source: CBR


That wraps it up for this week. Be sure to check back next week for more news highlights from the wide world of narrative entertainment. In the meantime, check out Fictionphile on a social media platform near you or head to for your fiction fix. I’ve been Jason Boyd for The Fictionphile Podcast wishing you a happy ever after. 


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